Saturday, March 21, 2009

Step right up...

I'll draw ya gettin' eaten by a shark!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Loosey Goosey

When it starts gettin busier and you're drawin more people, speed it up a little, get loose, and think CARTOONY.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Just a few from said party.okay, you caught me, I missed the birthmark, you win nothing.

Check it out, I also did a couple of these pre-drawn Tarzan bodies by Brian Morante.  Pretty "nifty".
And then it got dark.

"Mr. Commish"

"Kannish"-inDont bust on me too much I did this in a half hour, plus I dont like drawin from a photo too much.

This was done as a suprise for the guy who's Birthday Party I was drawing at.  When I got to meet him after drawing him from the photo, I realized a couple things I would have done differently.  But, ya know, thats what happens.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Recently, I Doodled

Been a little while now, huh?
This first one I did in the morning to start the day out good.  I got done drawing the little boy, when the Mom said they were going to catch the Dolphin show, so I rang them up and finished it while they were gone.  I've always wanted to practice a good sunset.

I liked this one not for its exaggeration, of course, but for the quality and a decent likeness all in a reasonable amount of time.
This one's for Nate.  This kid wanted to be making the Super Bowl winning catch for the Steelers.

Did this one at the end of the night working with Nate Kap.  These folks were from Kuwait.  Their Mom was totally into it and having fun, it was great.  The dude on the left had an AWESOME face, sometimes people sit in your chair and you think "I could draw this guy over and over for the rest of my life".  I dunno if you can tell from the photo, but man, it was good.