Saturday, December 04, 2010

ISCA Caricature Convention 2010 Artwork

This year I took home the Silver Nosey!!! Congratulations to Yuta Honma winning Gold and Taka Watanabe for taking the Bronze!!!

Kage Nakanishi

Satsu Ushioda

Taka Watanabe

Seo Kim

Tony Tiger

Cloudy Reynoso

Jud Lively

Derek Edwards

Saiedeh Omidghaemi
Aaron Philby and Aida Iam

Nate Kapnicky and Desiree Cadua

Our Caricature group The San Diego Beastheads won a combined total of 16 awards!!!

I also won 1st Place Most Humorous

2nd Place Best Likeness From Slides

2nd Place Outstanding Exaggerated Style

6th Place Caricature of the Year for this piece