Friday, November 14, 2008

Steve Silver's Life Drawing Seminar

On the final day of the Caricature Convention, Steve Silver( Kim Possible, Clerks Animated Series) had a very helful seminar that focused on figure drawing but also went into drawing poses and cartooning them from memory.  First he had us do 20, 1 minute gesture drawings, then we did 4, 3 minute sketches of the same pose but from different angles.  The last exercise, you have to observe a pose for 30 seconds then do a sketch from memory.  It all means that sometimes you must put away what you know about reality and loosen up using what you know about making your drawing interesting.  To tell the character's story.  
This particular model who was hired by Steve to come in, used to work for Hooters and was wearing the uniform.  The whole time all of her poses were telling the story of a day at work.  She also had props to hold like a tray and a glass.  

Anyways, I went ahead and completed the final step which was to come up with a design of the model.  I based it on one of the poses from my sketchbook I thought showed her entire "look" the best.