Monday, June 19, 2006

"She's probably commited suicide by now"

It's not that I really hate to draw teenage girls, but do I always have to be considerate for their feelings? I think your first response is to say no, never tone down your creativity, just because you don't want to hurt their feelings. Unfortunately, I usually do. I'd rather, the guest leave happy, than crying of course. I don't really want someone to be self conscious about their appearance for the rest of their life.
I've gotten to learn certain things about my sketch and the people I draw, so I tend to hold myself back for certain types. I don't neccessarily know if that is a good or bad thing, because I know that generally, taking all things into consideration each time somebody sits down, they are happy with the product. I draw them in such a way, that even they can understand that although they look a little weird, it's supposed to look like that. And when I say, "even they can understand", I mean that it is a fact that the majority of the public, has either had one caricature drawn or none at all, so they are pretty blind to the art form.
Now I'm not implying that I "flatter not shatter", because when I see something I go for it!!! I'd rather exaggerate as heavily as I can every time, making each sketch unique, but I find it exausting and time I guess I'm saying that if a teenage girl were to sit down for a sketch, I will spare her the many years of pain, by simply turning the volume down, and at least making it look like her in a cartoony way, which at the same time gives me a little break.
This is not always the case. For instance on this particualr day, business was steady, but not too busy that I had to go fast, so I had the feeling that I wanted to take my time and be happy with what I was putting out.